Rooms and suites in our romantic riad in Marrakech

Ryad Dyor offers a curated selection of unique rooms & suites, designed one by one exclusively for this romantic riad in Marrakech.

alt-tekst slaapkamer Berber Deluxe
Berber style and culture immerse both rooms.

The Berber Deluxe Rooms offer an amazing and comfortable experience. A unique aura of glamour and serenity, through its rich and colorful textiles.

Located in the first floor of the riad, these suites overlook the cozy, tranquil courtyards of the boutique hotel.

When entering the suite, you will note its pure cedar-wood smell.

Located in the iconic mirrored patio of our hotel riad. The rooms are tiled with rocky mountain tiles from the Atlas, while the en-suite bathrooms are tiled in glazing Moroccan Zellige patterns.

We fuse contemporary elements with traditional references to come up with a unique, serene and cosy room.

Split-level room partly situated above an iconic alley in the Medina.

Hand embroidered fabrics set the tone in this cozy and romantic honeymoon suite, with a small lounge.

The canapé, convertible to a high quality extra bed, makes it suitable for an extra person.

The rooms include a huge fireplace, a unique setting to privately relax.

The name of these suites come from the beautiful fountain (ennafora) decorated in multi-colored tiles that presides the main patio of the riad.

The suites have a minimalistic Moroccan style and Moresque aesthetics designs.

The tall elegant cedar windows give way to a wide view over the main patio.

The trademark of these Marrakech luxury hotel riad suites are its spacious, beautiful bathrooms with a Tadellakt bathtub and shower; a pure bliss to refresh and unwind your soul.

The rooms have a prominent fireplace, with two comfortable armchairs.

The wooden ceilings are dating back 300 years and are 5 meter high.

This room is a true jewel and a unique, glamorous art piece. It includes two large en-suite rooms, the original rooms of this riad in Marrakech.

The very spacious en-suite living room has two cedar canapés, which are convertible to two extra single beds.

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