The best riad rooftop in Marrakech

A riad rooftop in Marrakech is the greatest way to enjoy that Moroccan wondrous city.

Sweet, spicy aromas in the air and the Atlas Mountains as your backdrop: a unique combination that only a few lucky ones enjoy while visiting Marrakech.

Our rooftop riad in Marrakech is the best spot to relax.
The rooftop is the most popular common area of the riad.
The best riad rooftop in Marrakech comprises three different terraces; one is small and cozy.
A private, intimate seat at the smallest rooftop.

One large riad rooftop

Ryad Dyor consists of three riads connected through their typical Moroccan rooftop terraces.

One of the terraces is small and cozy, perfect for private gatherings and relax.
The other combined rooftops are spacious and open to the skies of the city, and are among the best riad rooftop terraces in Marrakech. They are great for the views and the sunsets.

Being the stylish design our trademark, you will find multiple levels and multiple small corners, each one of them with one-of-a-kind furniture and gorgeous décor.

Spectacular views over Marrakech

Stepping on the riad’s rooftop means feeling Marrakech at its whole in a single instant. Dive in a true Moroccan atmosphere while all your senses awake…

Listen to the muezzin calling for the prayer, smell the delicious aromas of Moroccan delights in the evening breeze and admire the stunning views only a few riads can offer.

You will get a perfect sight of the Medina or the special quartarside roofs of the mausoleum Sidi Ben Slimane and Youssef Ben Tachfine.
And behind the Koutubia Mosque and the thousands of small, chaotic rooftops, the majestic Atlas Mountains, often snow-capped in wintertime, casts its ancient shades.

Riad rooftop with views over Marrakech Medina.
View on the mauseleum from Ryad Dyor’s rooftop terrace in Marrakech.
Ryad Dyor has the perfect rooftop bar in Marrakech to enjoy the sunset.
A reviewer: 'Spectacular sunrise and sunset moments.'

Sunset and sunrise magic

Once you have witnessed a warm sunset or a fresh sunrise in Marrakech, not another dawn nor evening will be the same for you.

Those special moments of the day have fascinated visitors from around the world for ages.
Ryad Dyor offers you the possibility to live this exquisite experience from one of the best riad rooftops in Marrakech.


Breakfast, snacks, meals, drinks

In our rooftop, you can enjoy a breakfast of local breads, pastries, yoghurt, fruit, and eggs. The best combination complete with sunshine and a view of the town.

Start your day with a delicious variety of Moroccan or Western meals, traditional or vegetarian, and reap the benefits of them all day.

The breakfast runs till 12 in the morning, so you don’t need to hurry after a good night in our hotel. It is available for guests only.

Snacks, pastries and meals can be ordered all day, for non-guests as well.

In our rooftop bar over Marrakech, you will find:

  • fresh fruit juices
  • good coffee
  • tea
  • etc.
In the riad rooftop bar in Marrakech you will enjoy your breakfast and the best meals.
'The breakfast every morning on the rooftop with its amazing view is just excellent', according to a reviewer.
The best riad rooftop in Marrakech can be found in Ryad Dyor, in the heart of the Medina.
A reviewer: 'Loved the Ryad! Love the tranquil setting, decor and the roof terrace!'

Great for sun and coolness

Whether you are looking for a spot to take a sunbath, or you want to find cool shade and breeze, our rooftop will suit your desires.

We have plenty of cool places, so you just have to pick your favorite: under the wooden pergola, under the palm trees which move lightly in the wind, and there is even a fountain for cold water mist.

Also in wintertime, most guests choose to sit at the rooftop to grab some winter sun.



Find your spot at our amazing Marrakech' riad rooftop

Package deal: Explore Marrakech

Benefit: stay 3 nights, get a dinner and your daily breakfast on the rooftop, get a private guided tour, a traditional spa treatment and many extras.


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