Covid Policy

We have adopted a cleaning protocol to protect our home, our team and our guests.

We are committed to offer a great guest experience by taking significant measures.

Hotel staff

  • Our staff is trained to comply with safety standards and procedures in accordance with the guidelines of WHO and local health authorities.
  • Our staff are provided with protective equipment for individual use: masks, visors, gels
  • Hydro-alcoholics, permanently disinfected uniforms.
  • Common rooms for employees – Bathroom, toilets and facilities are disinfected regularly, using all safety standards.
  • Each person of our staff, if suspected of any symptoms, will not be allowed to work.


We provide our valued guest:

  • Dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution near the entry / exit points, and whenever applicable by floor and common sanitary facilities.
  • Face masks, stock of cleaning materials, disposable gloves, thermometer, waste bags and used clothes collection bags.
  • In the sanitary facilities, equipment for washing hands with liquid soap and paper towels.


Relax in the common areas of the hotel riad.

Common areas

  • In terms of social distancing, Ryad Dyor comes up with various common areas and corners that guarantee complete tranquillity and safety.
  • Washing and disinfection, in accordance with the internal protocol, of the surfaces where employees and customers circulate, ensuring control and prevention.
  • Cleaning surfaces and objects of common use several times a day, including sofas, cushions, sun loungers, chairs, tables, stair handles, light switches, door handles…


  • All high-touch areas in the guest room are thoroughly wiped down and sanitized: light and lamp switches, plugs, adaptors, doorknobs, hairdryer, bathroom sink handles, shower handles, the toilet lid and flush handle, remotes, window sills and handles, safe, clothing racks…
  • The room is vacant and ready at least for 3 hours before being assigned to the new guest.
  • We do not vacuum the room or space that has people in it. We wait until the room or space is empty to vacuum. We consider temporarily turning off room AC and fan so that particles that escape from vacuuming will not circulate throughout the facility.
  • AC filters cleaned and disinfected before check in of the new guest
  • Vacuum bags are changed on a regular basis.
  • The removal of bed linen and towels without shaking, rolling it from the inside out, without touching the body and then transporting it directly to the washing machine.
  • Washing separately in the washing machine and at high temperatures for employees’ uniforms and bed linen / towels (around 60ºC). 

Restaurant: food and drinks

  • In the areas of restaurants and beverages, we reinforce the hygiene of utensils, equipment and surfaces, and the direct handling of food between customers and employees is avoided as much as possible.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks are served on the rooftop. Our riad comprises a huge roof terrace with private corners. Under the guest request, we might also serve in the room.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks… can also be served in many rooms.


  • The disinfection of our spa and other equipment in wellness areas is carried out as defined via an internal protocol.
  • The masseur/masseuse has their own personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, visor, protective gown).

Office and reception

  • Upon arrival, our staff immediately disinfect the suitcases before placing them in the room.
  • Safe distancing is respected upon check-in, while various tips and advice is handed over.
  • We have equipped the reception with a medical kit, including: disinfectant gels, disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces, gloves, disinfectant spray for payment cards and POS.
  • We avoid printable invoices if not necessary, and we alternatively sent them by email.
  • Prior to the stay, the guest will receive by mail a form with required information to fill for a smooth and safe check-in.

Recovery Promotion

If you have taken the decision to travel again soon, this is just the right offer for you.


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