About Us

Our Staff

Ryad Dyor staff is like family. You will meet Jacques, the general manager, Ibrahim and Hadiya right at your arrival, and they will receive you with a warm welcome and a traditional Moroccan mint tea with pastries.

With no hint of a doubt, they are going to make sure your stay at our boutique hotel is memorable and fulfills all of your dreams and needs. Ask them for advice about the city, and you will discover Marrakech as you had never expected before.

We are also very proud of our kitchen team, who are able to prepare the best Moroccan delicacies. They are usually praised for serving the best home cooking meals our guests have tried in Marrakesh. Such an amazing honor, taking into account that the whole city is a true kaleidoscope of exotic flavors and spicy smells!

The Experience

Enjoy the perfect stay in Ryad Dyor with all the benefits and luxury amenities we have to offer. Our personalized rooms and suites, each one unique in its own, has been lovingly designed by Alberto Cortes and Yvonne Hulst. Every last detail is thought, selected and placed with passion. History is captured and celebrated, for a truly beautiful and authentic Moroccan experience. Embodying the spirit of traditional Moroccan decoration and architecture, the spaces are fused with cutting-edge, contemporary design, creating an atmosphere that is deliciously eclectic and distinguished.

But the delight goes beyond the golden doors of Ryad Dyor. Marrakech is the city of the thousand faces: there are many ways to experience it, and every turn in the way might take you to a whole new world of history, glamour and fantastic secrets in the Medina. Alberto Cortés has curated, specially for our guests, a unique and special list of his favorite hotspots in Marrakech. After years of wandering the streets and alleys of Marrakech and meeting with the most notorious and fancy people in the city, he is able to provide a compilation of the most cool and unmissable places, such as Moroccan cafés and restaurants, antiques, carpet shops and singular designer stores.

Let yourself be carried away into the authentic Moroccan charm!


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